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See the sights!  Here are only a few of many.



The Amber Museum – Puerto Plata

A walk through the center of town (Parque Central) will take you to the resplendent white towers of the Church of San Felipe.  At about 100 meters on Duarte street you’ll find The Amber Museum.  An outstanding example of Victorian architecture, the museum houses a unique collection of valuable Dominican amber.  Experts say this amber is known to be the most transparent in the world.  Amber is classified as semiprecious and is actually tree sap that has hardened for millions of years, capturing many fossils of plant and insect life. Guided tours in several languages are given Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm. The Amber Museum shops offer a full selection of Dominican amber jewelry in Puerto Plata .

La Isabela – Columbus’ first colony in the New World.

12 Kilometers from our hotel is the pueblo of La Isabella.  Named for the Spanish queen who funded his expeditions to the New World, this was among the first European settlements – Viking contact pre-dates it – in the Americas. La Isabela was established on the northern coast of Hispanola in 1494 by Christopher Columbus and 1500 colonists.

Teleférico de Puerto Plata

This attraction gives the Dominican Republic great importance, due to its exotic beauty and extensive National Park, whose lush greenery meeting the blue of the ocean makes it even more beautiful, and only from the Cable Car can we appreciate its majestic contrast .

The dome, recognized as the base on which the Redeemer statue rests on the mountain Isabel de Torres, is a true symbol of strength, which was the precise purpose of its construction: the fortress of air defense for some and a Pillbox for others.

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