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Note: Your reservation is not confirmed until paid.  Your payment constitutes agreement with house ruels.

Customer Agreement


The customer/tenant/user shall act according to the House Community Rules. Non-compliance with the rules can lead to the cancellation of the tenancy.

The customer/tenant is subject to the following House Community Regulation, which is part of the General Terms and Conditions.

To provide a beneficial cohabitation in our house, it is necessary that all inhabitants show respect towards each other, respect the public order and safety and treat the property provided by the landlord in the context of the agreement properly.

A. General rules of conduct:

This is a good, clean family establishment and we expect you to conduct yourselves accordingly.  Setting up and storing objects in the hallway, on the balcony, in the courtyard etc. is inhibited due to security reasons. The indicated escape paths shall be kept clear. Open light, flammable substances etc. are inhibited in hallways, staircases etc. It is inhibited to throw objects out of windows or balconies. To protect customers’/tenants’/landlords’ rights towards unauthorized parties, the main entrance gates shall be kept closed.

B. In respect towards all house inhabitants, the following applies amongst others:

Look after children properly, prevent disturbing noises by playing instruments, listening to the radio or television at disturbing volume and slamming doors shut.  We want you to enjoy your stay here so please be considerate of other guests.

C. To maintain the property, the customer/tenant shall consider the following amongst others:

Do not waste electricity or water. Carefully store and keep all keys and accessories.  There is a $35 charge for lost beach towels.

D. In the interest of the general public order and safety, the following obligations exist amongst others:

All official regulations (especially by the police or regulatory authorities) shall be adhered to by the customers/tenants, even if they haven’t been referred to explicitly.

E. The customer/tenant shall replace all damages caused due to the non-compliance with the House Rules. The customer/tenant is liable to the landlord for any damages that arise.

F. Motorcycle rental:  Renter is responsible for his own insurance.  Helmet for the driver is provided by us.  Any damage whatsoever to the motorcycle will paid for in full by the Renter.  We expect you to drive in a responsible manner, obeying all the laws of the Dominican Republic.